Caputo Flour for Pizzerias

caputo flour
110lb (55kg) bags of Caputo bread flour in front; and 55lb (25kg) Pizzeria Flour Rosso (Red) in back.

Choosing Molino Caputo flour is one of the single most important decisions you can make for your pizzeria -- whether you are making Pizza Napoletana, NY Style Pizza, California Pizza, or your own style pizza. Your clients and restaurant reviewers alike will immediately recognize the wonderful taste and texture of your pizza crust.

Caputo Pizzeria Flour is available in 55lb (25kg) bags, loaded on a standard pallet. It is stocked and delivered to pizzerias across the U.S. on a regular schedule, through more than 20 wholesale restaurant supply companies. That means that virtually any restaurant, anywhere is the U.S. has a reliable and consistent supply of the flour; pretty much around the corner.

Forno Bravo has built a partnership with Molino Caputo to help pizzerias locate the right wholesaler for their flour, to set up the supply chain to make it easier for American pizzerias to find and use Caputo flour, and to provide training on how to best use this great flour.

Give us a call, and let's get started.

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