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outdoor kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen can be as simple, or sophisticated as you want. That is part of the allure that has had us all grilling outdoors for as long as we can remember. From our first Weber charcoal grill, and our first serious gas grill, we all enjoy cooking and eating outside. It is break from the ordinary, and the perfect place to really enjoy the food we prepare and to talk with our family and friends.

Today, the Outdoor Kitchen keeps getting better. Combining modern products designed specifically for outdoor living, with traditional appliances, including wood-fired ovens, fireplaces and grills, you can create the space that fits your lifestyle, family eating and entertaining style and house.

Outdoor living and entertaining is growing in popularity for a very good reason -- it's a great way to cook, eat, live and entertain. Every time a family installs a new Pizza Oven or an Outdoor Fireplace or a complete outdoor kitchen, and they use it and enjoy it, and a friend comes to a great outdoor party, and soon, they also install an outdoor kitchen. And so it goes. We are making things better one good party at a time.

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