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Default ISO high temp lights

I'm looking at adding some kind of lighting to the interior of my
oven. I will need something that can take serious heat (1000F if it's
in the dome/walls, 500F if I put them in the throat of the oven, 750F
if I put it in the chimney vent).

Any ideas?

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The normal way to illuminate the inside of a wood-fired oven is to use a light tube. When building the oven one builds in one or better two a 100mm diameter stainless steel tubes about 100 150 mm above floor level. The tubes need to be set so the tube end inside of the oven is slightly higher than the end outside of the oven (this is to stop smoke entering the tube) and the tube is long enough to pass through the insulation and to the outside of the oven facade. Make a bracket that will hold a light bulb holder and bulb and can move up and down the tube (for safety use a transformer say 12 24 volt and 50 watt bulb(s). Wire with heat resistant flex and position the bulb holder within the tube, as far back from the inside of the oven as possible, but in a position to give the best light within the oven. The best place for round oven would be to each side of the oven door thus creating a cross light within the oven. A cap will need to be made to close off the tube on the outside of the oven facade.

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