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Default How do I make this kind of chimney?

Hi, does anyone know how to make this kind of chimney? Almost all neapolitan ovens made in Italy have this kind of chimney that has a metal that seems to be inserted in the oven. Any ideas?

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Default Re: How do I make this kind of chimney?

maybe stating the obvious here, but I think that looks like a piece of (curved) angle iron that's holding up the flue/chimney vs. the arch and buttresses that hold up the forward part of the vent in the ovens we build. It's also cantilevered...and then where does it go?
hard to say how that ties into the overall structure of the oven, but presumably there would need to be some kind of weight to oppose that cantilever, whether it be holding up a brick or a steel flue.
for diy purposes, maybe an angle iron frame that extends back into the brick courses so you get the weight of the dome to oppose the cantilever?

I've decided that the WFO's in the authentic Neopolitan pizza places around here HAVE to be mechanically ventilated or they couldn't meet code requirements. I presume this would be the case for any indoor oven in a commercial space, at least in the U.S. Maybe that's the case in the photoe, and the vent is at the back so that front part isn't really a vent at all?
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Default Re: How do I make this kind of chimney?

Didn't you post this picture & question over at PM?

Anyway, the cast iron bar is a support for the exterior masonry. The vent underneath curves up to the chimney. The exact construction will be a proprietary, closely held secret. So unless you hire someone from Naples to build one for you, you will have to make a best guess or experiment.

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Default Re: How do I make this kind of chimney?

looks like a ring of angle iron
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Default Re: How do I make this kind of chimney?

Im guessing angle iron as well, then they vented the chimney (tunnel) over the oven,, Like splat said probably a fan in there,,,, unless you vent it to the top center, You would basically have a false dome (i think) but it could be filled with insulation so I dont think it would be a problem
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