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Default dome insulation

Hi Everyone!
It's been quite a while since I've been on here.
I have been browsing trying to get answers and make decisions on the insulation of the dome.
In the description of the Pompeii Oven Kit it says it comes with 50 sq ft of ceramic blanket insulation - enough for 3" layer on the dome.
Am I mistaken? If I go to the FB store, the description for the FB Blanket says 50 sq. ft., enough for at least a 1" layer.

The general opinion seems to be that there should be at least 3" of blanket insulation. If I order the blanket, according to the store, I would need at least 2 pkgs, but more likely three. For two packages it would cost me 250 bucks! That's because of 100 dollars shipping! Yikes!
Am I mistaken?

We have done nothing to it since the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It's out there waiting - we just have to plug up the very top with a keystone...or actually probably three. I've kept it covered with plastic and we've had some pretty severe weather here - lots of negative temps, with a warm up this past week, with nothing but fog, rain and cloudy skies.
I don't see any more work on it till Spring comes. But I'd like to know what I should do about the insulation and then the chimney....and then the door....

Thanks in advance for all the advice I know will be coming!
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Default Re: dome insulation

I'm not an expert by any means, but I would go with 3 inches just because good insulation is going to ensure good performance. If you didn't have enough insulation, you'll most likely be upset with yourself down the road.

You've probably already considered it, but since the unfinished dome has been out in the weather all winter, you should do a lot of curing fires without the insulation in place to drive out the moisture it has probably sponged-up.

Best of luck!

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