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Default Brick and Mortor products

My supplier here in Canada is not sure what a light duty fire brick is. The specs they have on the firebricks they sell sound close to what is sugested here on this site but slightly off. 26-30 percent alumina and 60-64 percent silica. My questions are... is the 60-64 percent figure a concern? Would this be classed as a medium duty or at what point is a firebick concidered medium duty? Also the high heat mortor is called "super 3000" good up to quarter inch thickness and for bigger openings the product they sell is called "devils putty". The insulation they sell is called "cerwool". Talking to the sales guy it sounds like similar products to what is recomended here on this site but wanting a confirmation if anyone has used any of these products....thank you ....Wayne
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Default Re: Brick and Mortor products

I just bought 200 hundred bricks for a brickyard. They are a light brownish red but the brickyard said they were low duty firebricks. The yellow bricks they had were high duty . This is a concern for me. I hope I got the right bricks. I just had to trust their opinion on what I needed.
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Default Re: Brick and Mortor products

Not to worry. The so-called red firebricks (actually sort of reddish) are hard to get in the northeast, and much better looking than the tan ones, in my opinion. I went out of my way to get them. It all has to do with the clay that the alumina is mixed with. I think red clay is fairly common down south. They'll be fine.
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Default Re: Brick and Mortor products

Fairly common is an understatement - red is just about all we got!
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