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Default Anchor plate question....

I just laid my first course (soldiers), as I was doing that, the rep from Home Hardware in Niagara Falls stopped by to give me some prices on Chimneys, anchor plate, flashing etc..... I am looking at a 8" ID stainless chimney (OD 13", it has 2" of insulation).
My question? Can I simpley use the anchor plate that comes WITH the chimney (it is one that mounts to a wall, I was thinking of just removing the wall brackets and mounting the plate on my vent opening, is this
do-able? the plate is about 14") The HH rep told me I would need a SPECIAL anchor plate designed to go from masonry to stainless???? Anyway, the total cost of the chimney etc... is 982$????? My oven is inside the kitchen of our Café (from the oven to the ceiling is like 7 ft, then I need to have 3' above roof line)
Any help or comments would be great
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Hi Rick,
I am not sure on how you have set up your vent but you should check out my 40" Pompeii build.
My whole oven only cost around $1200 plus the Infra red thermometer. I have detailed pictures of my build in the forum Brick oven photos:
http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f21/...-4-a-2045.html (Neill’s Pompeii #4)
(permalink #14 shows the stainless flue that I made in an hour out of scraps laying around from my kit car build) This vent was then dynabolted into the vent openning and I am yet to apply the vermiculite sealing around the join of the vent and oven/front facia. I simply put on 3 x 8" flue sections into this vent but you will need to put an insulated outer section on yours where it enters and passes through the ceiling to the roof.
My final posting with a picture of the oven is :
http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/21/n...-a-2119-2.html (Neill's Pompeii #10)
permalink #19 shows the oven with the 3 flue sections up, taken less than 5 minutes after lighting the fire.
This method of controlling the smoke works exceptionally well and also allowed me to incorporate downlights into the vent which work well and illuminate the oven floor a treat when turned on. See: permalinh #10 of the same thread.
Hope this helps you out.

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Default Re: Anchor plate question....

Here in the States (this county for sure) code specifies that the vent pipe only be insulated/ double-walled with in the attic space. You should check your local code. Insulated all the way up and out seem excessive except by your choice for heat transfer to the inside of the kitchen.

Unless the vent pipe is going to be part of the "look" of the oven S.S. is an option not a necessity, the insulation is an option as well (if its not code). A double walled vent pipe will stay pretty cool on the outside and not provide much heat transfer inside the kitchen. Since it sounds like you have high ceilings in the kitchen depending the ovens proximity to the cooking line you could route the smoke into your existing venting system.You could send the pipe to the main exhaust duct tap through the wall and run an uninsulated pipe all the way up and out just like a 2 flue chimney.
Just a thought.
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