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Default please help

I own a pizzeria in tuscaloosa, al. I use 2 seven foot refractory wood ovens. I put them together from kit form 12 years ago. They always worked well until a few months ago. One started smoking, and upon further investigation, I found that my vaultstones in that oven had "walked" apart. I've dismantled the whole thing, and here is my concern:
I dont know how clean I have to get the floor tiles before reinstalling them. They all have a layer of adhesive from the original installation bonded to themselves. (They were all just floating on the slab.. they werent bonded to the concrete pedestal at all.) How do I ensure they bond upon reinstallation? What material should I use to set them?
.. thats enough for now..
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Default Re: please help

Photos please but it sounds like you have no insulation under your oven floor and since there is none and you have taken it apart this would be a great time to add some.

I am not sure what vault stones are please indicate where they are in the oven.

We typically refer to

structural layer - the primary slab below the entire oven
Floor insulation - the insulating layer directly below the floor and on top of the structural layer
Oven floor - typically not bonded to anything to allow free expansion and contraction due to temperature.
Oven dome - this could be a barrel or igloo style or a variation of one of the other.
Dome insulation - insulation over the dome
Weather proofing - either a concrete/stucco or some type of house. Since I assume your ovens are inside a building the weatherproofing is probably more of a decorative or metal housing.

Because you are new to the site any photos you post here will most likely go into a review state for a day or two - spammer filter by Forno Bravo

Please try to provide more info and photos or links to photos you might have on your company web site.
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