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Default Round slab dimensions & location

Wanting to pour a round slab for my 36" tuscan style oven. Our driveway is going to be poured next week with an exposed agragate finish. I thought I would have the driveway guys dig and pour my slab while they are at it. I am thinking a 70" circle will do the trick. I have not even got my bricks yet so a little hard to come up with exact measurements etc for how everything will lay out. I like the look of the brick chimney and if I understand things right I should put a stainless pipe inside the chimney as concerns about heat off the chimney and will be about a foot or so away from my deck roof. My questions are....does the 70" sound about right for the foundation slab?.....will the chimney be cool to the touch if an insulated pipe is inside (the roof is fairly flat that is is close to and it is a metal roof, so I figure if I am 2 feet above the roof line and about a foot away I shoud be allright) I want to keep the project as close to the deck and roof as posible so on rainy days we can still enjoy the oven. Thanks for the help, I should be able to figure this out on my own but want to kind of jump on the concrete pour this week as driveway guys comming soon!...wayne
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Default Re: Round slab dimensions & location

How big is your oven going to be - and more to the point, how big is the stand going to be? I would think that knowing the stand size would be critical since you have to figure based on the arcs - unless you mean for the stand to be round, too? Either way, I suspect the real masonry/expert guys around here will want to know that in order to help you.
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Default Re: Round slab dimensions & location

36" internal or external dimension?

I believe the plans give the over all dimension of the ovens from front to back. On to this you need to add thickness for each material you are going to add. Insulation blanket, vermiculite mixture, stucco, etc. In addition you will need to determine just how your front opening is going to be, this will vary the overall size of the oven from front to back.

Its hard to say without knowing your desired design.
70" with an oven having an internal dimension of 36" (centered on the slab) gives you 13" from the outside of the oven to the edge of the slab. Will this work for you? again depends on your design.
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Default Re: Round slab dimensions & location

sorry,36" internal. Since I wont get the bricks till after I pour the slab I should probably go with an 80" circle. When you mentioned the 13" from the outside of the oven does that mean from the outside of chimney and enterance arch or just the igloo part itself....thanks
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