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Default Prevailing Wind and Oven Orientation


We are in the early stages of planning for a Pompeii oven. We thought we had the perfect location in mind by our patio. After studying the Forum, I realized our oven will be facing the prevailing winds.

We live in Louisville, KY so we aren't talking about strong coastal breezes. Often, summer evenings are dead calm, but there is a fairly steady current from the West during the day.

How seriously do we need to worry about this? We could rotate the oven 90 degrees and put a stone walkway to the front of it, but this would make it less convenient to access and might look a little funny from the patio.

So... How important is convenience/style vs. wind orientation?


BTW... Thanks to Forno Bravo for setting up this forum and providing the resources. Special thanks to everyone for posting their projects, inspiring me to to take this on!
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Default Re: Prevailing Wind and Oven Orientation

You do not want the wind blowing/drifting into the opening of your oven. I am in a similar situation due to ocean flow from the west. To have the opening on the leeward side would mean that I my back would b against a block wall instead of the open area of the backyard. My best solution is to have a crossing wind at 90 degrees. Less the optimum but better than a full frontal blow.
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