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Default Permit...

Just talked to the county planning office about a Casa2G80 on Cucina stand install in my daylight basement and and it seems to be getting more and more difficult.

The first person I talked to said I would need a mechanical permit for the flue and that is all. Then I started emailing back and forth with one of the plans examiners to ask some questions about the flue and he is saying I probably need a building permit. I sent him a copy of the install manual and now he says "more than likely that a building permit will be required" and I need to submit a site plan, floor plan and structural drawing plans with my permit application.

Now the floor plan I get, but what's the deal with the site plan? I'm not adding onto the house. I'm not affecting anything on the lot outside of the house.

I'm assuming the structural drawing plans are for where the flue goes through the wall to the outside chimney??

Seems like I get a different answer with each question I ask. Maybe I should just build this oven outside. hahaha

Anyway... just venting here. haha get it... venting... haha
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Default Re: Permit...

Oh Jeff, the fun is only beginning... If you live in the county (as opposed to the city where you would be connected to a sewer line) the they will also want a septic inspection as all new building permits require that the existing septic be "conforming to current regulations". And that any deficiencies be corrected before any permit can be issued.

Good Luck!
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Default Re: Permit...


Take all the information and brochures and every piece of paperwork you have on the oven. Take a few moments and go in person to the permit people. Show them pictures and if they want a permit, find out what kind of permit and what they will be inspecting. Ask for a copy of the codes that will apply to your installation. Then smile and ask for any advice they could give you to make this process easier.

That should help.
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Default Re: Permit...

I'm definitely going down to the permit office in person with all the info. The plans examiner did send me the link to the codes online so I can do some research.

Yes, I am in the county so thanks for the heads up on the septic... Yayyyyyy.
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