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Default Oven Site Questions

Hey guys,

New on this forum and I thought out I would throw out some ideas.

Ok I started my research a while ago. I started thinking I was going to use a Rado Hand "Swishy Design" After seeing many ovens of builders on here I must say I have to build a 42" Pompeii Oven now. Well I have asked about the firebricks Im going to start with 200. Anyway I have a hillside in my backyard next to my pool. It is 7' wide. Not to slopped. Anyway If I cut the slop vertically at a certain point and pour a horizontal slab, it would be at the perfect height. This way I would not have to build a base. I understand doing this I get no wood storage whatsoever. Well I want the slab to be colored to go with the Tuscan backyard. I am going to hand stucco the retaining wall that is in the background, the same color as the oven. I have enclosed a bunch of pictures on this album.

Picasa Web Albums - Tony - Tony's Pizza...

Any comments, questions and ideas are welcome
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Default Re: Oven Site Questions

Well I cleaned the backyard today, so I took some new pictures of the oven site. The more I work out there the more apparent the soil is like concrete as it is. I think I will hire some kids I know to did the vertical cut in the slope.

Anyway I really could use some feedback on the plan. I think it will look good and be different.

My pictures will be updated regularly in this album. Picasa Web Albums - Tony
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Default Re: Oven Site Questions

Hi Tony,
I think the site would be a great one to build an oven in! However, I would definately build a base for the oven right in the hillside. I think you would regret not having a wood bin under the oven after you start to use it and by then it would be too late. The base really isn't hard to build and cement block is really cheap. Think about it before you put the oven on a slope that could someday erode and crack your oven dome. Oh, and by the way, I was also going to build a 'Rado' oven when I first came across his website 3 or 4 years ago. I bought his picture cd and e-mailed him several times. He's a good guy and all but when I came across this web site and started researching the Pompeii oven, I was so glad I never started the 'mailbox' oven! I finished my 42" dome last week.
Best of luck to you, whatever you decide to build on but don't just do it to get it done. Think about the long run! (parties, dinners, bread baking, etc.) You're going to need wood storage!
View my pictures at, Picasaweb.google.com/xharleyguy
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