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Default New Progress

So This past weekend we poured the structural hearth. FB boards arrived as well as the Ceramic Blanket. Measured the interior oven space ,minus the width of the bricks on each side and have a 32" interior circumference..I hope I don't sound really silly now but I need someone to clarify how I will come to an 18"
dome height when constructing the courses, is there a formula to use?
I am attatching some build pics!

New Progress-floating.jpg

New Progress-hearth.jpg

New Progress-screeting.jpg

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Default Re: New Progress

Nice progress on the hearth. I am sure you will get loads of opinions on the height issue.

Assuming you mean the interior height, then I think 18" is pretty tall for a 32" diameter (16" radius) oven (also assuming circumference was a typo ). I have a 39" diameter build and it's going to be 18" tall at the center. Lower is better for pizza cooking - as it reflects more heat back.

If you really want an 18" high oven, then I suggest you start with a 4.5 inch high soldier course, which will give you a vertical wall at 2" above your floor. Then mount your IT on a 2" high block in the center and using that you'll still get a 16" radius on your dome with an 18" tall center

If you want to build a 16" high center, then the you can get a pretty good hemisphere by using a center mounted IT with a 16 inch length. Your oven may be a smidge taller to account for the height of the plywood under your IT.

Also - you can use sketchup to make a profile view of your dome and you can figure out how many chains you'll need to get to the top.

Oh, and going foreward you might want to think about consolidating all your updates to a single thread. That way people can keep track of where you are.


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Default Re: New Progress

ok.. I am still new to the posting thing.. thanks..
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Default Re: New Progress

What is the board in the center for?
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Default Re: New Progress

Its not in the center .. its an ash drop....my oven is smaller than others..it will be mre at the front of the oven
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