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Default Help with planning/designing my oven??

I've spent several days trawling for information on these forums.. definitely a lot of info here! I'm still after some advice on planning for my oven though. The main limiting factors for me are time and availability of materials. I want to build an oven at my parents place in Turkey; I'll be staying out with them for about 6 weeks (I'm between jobs, don't ask!) and I was hoping to get something built and have at least one pizza before I leave! Is this possible do you think?

From what I've read here, the average project seems to take a long time from start to pizza.. well longer than 6 weeks anyway.

In my favor:

1) Lots of hours to work on it; I can work on it all-day everyday if I want
2) A reasonable amount of bricklaying/block-laying/mortaring experience
3) A flat concrete pad at a good height to build off, I don't need to build any kind of platform for the oven
4) Dry sunny weather

Against me:

1) Time.. as I say 6 weeks
2) Availability of materials.

I'm really not sure what I'll be able to get hold of in Turkey. I can't say until I look but I'm pretty sure refractory mortar and ceramic blankets are out! Not sure about vermiculite/perlite.. it's possible I can get hold of it. This is what I can get hold of that I know:

Clay bricks, not a problem
Thick terracotta floor tiles.. I was thinking these could be good for a hearth??
Terracotta of all types is easily available
Cement and sand, of course
Straw and natural materials etc (possible insulation??)
Firebricks (maybe..)
Plenty of free stone, which is the traditional building material in the area
Clay for cob/adobe.. possibly but I don't know about that yet..

What do you think is my best bet with these considerations?? I'm not looking to build the most highly engineered, long lasting, pretty oven.. just something simple that works. Any ideas on designs? At first I was thinking cob if I can find clay as it looks to be quicker than waiting for concrete and mortar to cure, but it takes a lot longer to build...
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