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Default Foundation limitation inquirey...

I'm looking for assistance in finding out my options for building an oven over an existing pool/ patio deck. I remodled my swimming pool last summer, and was planning to build a BBQ island and also thinking about a WFO as well. In my planning I did all the necessary utility installations for the island, including water/ sewer/ elect. and gas service. At the time, I was considering using steel stud framing and hardibacker bd for the BBQ island construction eliminating the need for fortifying the deck below the island location, but I failed to consider the future potential oven build and the likely need for a stout foundation there. So, being left with only a 3-1/2 to 4-1/2" thick slab, I am looking for solutions to make the build possible without much risk of failure down the road.

I am under the impression that the oven will be doable given the deck circumstance, and to add to that, I am limited on both space and funding do to losing my job in the bad California economy. Normally very value conscious, I'm now down right cheap by necessity, so I will need this oven to be economical to boot. I was thinking a small sized oven with room for a 2-3 10" pies would be adequate, and if I eliminate anything over the oven aside from the basic stucco finished igloo, and construct it on a simplified (welded steel?) stand, I might be able to pare the finished weight enough to make it feasable. I'd appreciate the collective thoughts of you experienced folks...

Thanx in advance,

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Default Re: Foundation limitation inquirey...

HI Mitch,

Welcome to the group. Sorry about the job, but it will give you time to focus on the important things, like building a WFO! (wood fired oven)

In my mind you have two choices regarding the installation of a wfo on an existing cement slab.

A) Install directly on the slab - but first confirm it will work.... Detail the parts you will install in a an oven. Assign (research and calculate) a weight for every part in the oven. Total the component weights and establish a total weight for this appliance - wfo. With this total weight number, you can then determine if the slab is designed to hold this weight. (for example, if your oven total weight is 8,000 pounds, and you use an 8 inch wide cement block as the bottom course in your stand, and you have 22 lineal feet of block stand, your weight per square foot is - 8,000 / (8/12) * 22 ) = 571 pounds per square foot - I think a cement slab would support this weight). I am not familiar with soils in Sacramento, but if your pounds per square foot number is less than 1,000, I would think you could install the wfo stand directly on the slab and be OK. (Dmum, does this look like it makes sense?)

B) Cut the concrete slab out in the area you would install a footing for the stand, and install a footing directly on the bearing soil.

So these are are the options I can see, there certainly could be others.

Good luck with the project, and be ready to send along pictures,

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