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Default Forno on a Trailer Q

hey all,

Im planning to build an oven on a trailer (for catering and events) with a cooking surface diameter = 90 or 100cm with the following characteristics:

1. Light overall weight (it should be as light as possible)
2. Outer Size (should be as thin as possible)
3. Reach pizza heat very fast ( and retains heat for a long time)

Considering that, i have the following Q:

- what is the cooking surface size (diameter) recommended? 90 - 100 - 110?

- whats the minimum thickness of the hearth insulation? (regarding insulating heat effectively & keep the oven floor at the right temp)

- is it possible to use the insulation ceramic blanket for the hearth & place the cooking surface directly on top? instead of vermiculite boards or vermiculite cement mix?

- how thick should the cooking surface fire bricks be (minimum thickness)?
- im thinking of using 3cm thick bricks.

- how thick should the oven walls and dome fire bricks be (minimum thickness)?

- do they have to be the same thickness as the oven cooking surface, or it doesn't matter?

- what should the internal dome height be for each of 3 different sizes (90 - 100 - 110)

- How thick should the thermal layer be for both the side walls and dome?

- whats the minimum thickness of the dome insulation if im going to use the ceramic blanket?

im going with an igloo design for the external covering

* i came across this idea the other day, insulating the oven dome or even the hearth by using "HEAT CERAMIC INSULATION PAINT" with a layer thickness of around 10mm.

- What do you thick, will it do the job?

really appreciate your professional advice, comments and opinion on my idea and the listen questions.

thanks all

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