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Default Fiberglass Dome Roof

Just curious if anyone has ever tried a fiberglass dome for their roof on a portable oven? I am thinking of replacing the stucco roof on my mobile oven as it is starting to show cracks and will likely need replaced. I am not sure what the best method would be to attempt it but I am thinking of using a bent metal bar frame for it and then using applying the fiberglass on top of this to form a dome. After several layers, I would apply some UV resistant paint to finish it off. Just a thought, I was hoping to get some feedback though first.
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Default Re: Fiberglass Dome Roof

No I haven't tried it but can see how it could fairly easily be done.
I used to do fiberglass work in boatyards and am familiar with working in the medium.

My suggestion would be to build something like I did ...see post:

http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/43/s...html#post38564 (Steel Dome Oven)

And then add the 1/2 hardware cloth to sort of look like:

http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/43/s...html#post40207 (Steel Dome Oven)

And instead of the window screening to hold in the loose vermiculite simply cover the exterior with a couple of layers of 1 1/2 ounce mat and then invert the shell and coat the inside with a layer to bond thru the 1/2 inch spaces and adhere to the birdcage. Fairing to look hemispherical will be challenging and I would suggest you consider alternative shapes or forms. A couple of other things to consider are cost: resin is no longer inexpensive nor is glass. But if you go that route I would suggest you coat the exterior with proper polyester gel coat using a fine nap roller. The fine stipple will hide a great deal of the imperfections and it's a lot easier than spraying.

You will want to work out the transition to the heated interior at the entry as FRP breaks down before 500F. I used high temp silicone between my shell and the steel wheel rim of my transition and so far (5 + years) I have had no issues with it.

Hope this helps,
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