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Default Buying a wet saw

I have read a few posts regarding saws and its seems logical to spend a few extra bucks and buy a wet saw. I plan on laying out my hearth floor and my first few rows of my dome in my garage during the winter so I want to buy my saw in the near future. At first I was thinking of buying just a regular wet saw but now I am wondering if I should buy one that can do mitre's. The MK diamond 370 exp will do mitre's both ways. The reason I like that option is that I really want to do a quality job on the dome. I don't want to have any large gaps on the inside that need alot of morter. Winter is long enough where I live that I won't have the urge to speed up the dome building process in order to get cooking. Has anyone here bought a saw so that they can mitre the firebrick to get that tight looking fit on the inside of the dome? Also is the MK diamond saw a quality saw?

Thanks, Versachi
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Default MK saw

The MK saw, at about a thousand bucks, is the quality, professional tool. Some of us here have bought the

cheap one from Harbor Freight, and it's good enough for making one oven, even with cutting every brick. If you are going to go into the masonry business, you are gonna want the best tool you can buy. I'd have got the MK if I had money to spare.

If you are going to cut every brick for a tight fit, you might want to consider my geodesic plan:

http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/show...5&page=1&pp=10 (dmun's 36" geodesic oven)

where you only need two different shapes to make a close fitting oven, instead of making four cuts on every brick, different angles on every level.

It's an ideal winter project, if you have a place to work that you won't mind getting a bit wet.
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