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Default Novel idea to aid oven construction

Hello wood fired oven enthusiasts. This is my first visit to this forum. I am planning on starting my Tuscan model oven in the new year, and have a thought that I'd like to put before you.
I have read over the excellent steps set out on the Forno Bravo site and think that I have a good grasp of all that goes into making an oven. The trickiest part of constructing the oven proper seems to be those last few courses of bricks. Has anyone tried using a swedish ball inside the oven upon which the last few courses can rest? I reckon my 24" swedish ball deflated a little will just about be the perfect height and shape to achieve the 21" depth for the oven. (If it is too big I'll try a smaller circumference one.) Once the bricks have been laid the ball could be deflated and taken out through the doorway.
I'd like to hear from anyone who might have an opinion on this idea. I'll give it a go anyway and let you all know of my success, or otherwise.
Thanks, Davy
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Wink If I had a Swedish ball for every balloon I've popped ;-)


Go to http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/show...hlight=balloon (Marcel's Pompeii Oven photos Part 4)

and you'll see that great minds work in the same direction

(M) Davy, You might get a bit of refractory mortar on your ball but perhaps this isn't the right site to discuss that. If I had a ball like yours, I would have used it.


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, ...
but no simpler!" (Albert Einstein)
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Nice idea, Davy, and certainly worth a shot. I find it easy enough to need only a thick cross of roofing foam and mainly to guide the bricks, rather than support.

I found that with the right amount of mortar and a rubber mallet and properly soaked bricks, I didn't really need a form much at all, except for those last 6 or 8 segments of brick that interlock at the top.

Good luck and enjoy!
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