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Default Just finishing up my stand

Hi all. This is my first post. I am in Birmingham, Michigan (US). Evidently I am building the first residential brick oven in this community because the building department acted very perplexed when I described what I was doing. They found the project interesting though.

I'll post photos in a second. So far it looks just like the Forno Bravo instructions!

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Default Re: Just finishing up my stand


I am curious if your building department required any permits. I too must have been the first in my community to build a residential oven. The planning department scratched their head, told me I didn't need a permit from them and sent me to the fire department. The fire department said it was the most over engineered "BBQ" they had ever seen, told me I didn't need a permit fromthemand sent me to the zoning department. By the time I got to they zoning department they told me they had already heard of me, did not need to see a copy of my plans and I didn't need a permit from them either. So, $0 in permits. Needless to say I kept all of the names of the city official I spoke to in case someone changes their mind down the road.

My project is just a couple of week ahead of yours. I just finished the solider row. So for so good. Good luck to you,
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Default Re: Just finishing up my stand

Yet another reason to live in beautiful Billings, Montana! Here in Birmingham, they want to charge me $90 for a permit. I think the rule of thumb is: if it needs a foundation it needs a building permit.

I am on the road for the next couple of weeks in Asia so you will get way ahead of me Sharon!

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