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Cool Hello from Fair Oaks

ME: The newbie. I joined the forum a couple of days prior to beginning negotiations for the removal of a Forno Bravo Casa 110 from a community about 100 miles away that was unused and sitting in a courtyard. Tim at Forno Bravo was quite helpful in first making me think very hard about moving the oven, and if I did get it, protecting it with very gentle handling during the transporting of it to my home.

I live in Fair Oaks, a bedroom community east of Sacramento, CA.

I am a pizza fanatic. Love it! Always have loved it and enjoy making it to share.

I have three DoughPro presses, including a small press that does tortillas, a small press that makes parbaked pizza hats, a DP-1100 that will make an 18" pie, a MKE electric 208V two shelf pizza oven that will reach 800 F., and a nice Moffat Turbo Convection Steam oven with a 1-3/8" Soapstone that I had to preheat for a minimum of one hour at 550 to achieve what I think was only marginally good crust. Both of the ovens will take a back seat to the Forno Bravo!

I like to cook, and cook for others. Retired now for the third time, it is time for Pizza, the Forno Bravo way! I grind my own flour, roast my own coffee, and grind my own corn in a wet mill to make my own masa for corn tortillas. I like things to taste good, and many times that is only possible when you make it yourself!

Initially offered for sale on Craig's List, I contacted the owner, and contemplated purchasing it. Ultimately, I opted out due to the costs of forklift to load and unload, a trailer and the need for an operator on both ends to move and relocate to my backyard.

Was sent a message first offering the oven at one half the price, then a message saying I could have it for free.

How can you say no to free? !! I think she reacted to my desire to own a Forno Bravo, and her desire to get it to a person that would really appreciate, and use it's capability. She also wanted it out of her courtyard! It was in the way.

I hired a guy to move it, and first trip, a no go. It was just too big and too heavy for his equipment. 4' x 6' x 7' all in a heavy stand set in 3" of concrete slab.

The reduction in price to free opened up the option of hiring a forklift delivery to the location, the hiring of a "certified" operator, and the hiring of same at my home.

Got it into the backyard yesterday. I am so pleased! I have wanted one of these for years, and finally have it!

Now the hard work comes. I have to get it ready for use after it has just been sitting for about 2 1/2 years. It is in a very sturdy enclosure on a stand with removable legs. It has a few cosmetic issues, and some rusting around the seat where the chimney attaches to the roof. The granite shelf attached as a "hearth," is cracked. The thick wood attached to the oven at the hearth show signs of fire. All of these problems, with a little innovation, desire to make it aesthetically more pleasing are easy to accomplish.

I am pumped!

Questions for the forum.... What kind of sealer do you use around the chimney stack to protect the steel receiver it sets into?

Recommendations for rake and brush... why do you like what you have and do you see some of these accessories better than others?

If you have attached a shelf in front, that is not brick or cement, what did you use, and recommendations for base for the granite hearth that will not catch fire with the intense heat generated by the oven.

Regards to all, and looking forward to tips from experienced users, and learning of new techniques.
Bill (nsxbill)
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