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Default Dogloo as a form

So has anyone tried using one of the Igloo style dog houses as a form to build an oven around? To remove the dog house all it would take is a Roto Zip and a vacuum.

My only concern in trying this is the dome height might be to high, the opening could be adjusted easily. Would appreciate in comments, concerns or rude remarks.

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Default Re: Dogloo as a form

This is true lateral thinking! I am seriously impressed.

If not for the whole dome, you could use just the top bit for where it is hard to lay bricks (assuming the loo has got the right shape). Then there is no height issue.

One worry (you asked!) could be that the dog will recognise the shape when the oven is ready ...

Best wishes,
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Default Re: Dogloo as a form

I was thinking about you Dogloo idea, and I may have possibly improved upon the idea.

Why not smear Vaseline all over the house, then several layers of tissue paper.
Then, using newspaper and thinned out Elmer's glue, place 5 or 6 layers of paper mache over the top. After drying, the paper house should pop right off (thanks to the Vaseline) and could be used for the form. It would easily burn out on the first firing. And you would still have your Dogloo.

The height could even be adjusted by cutting a dome off of the completed paper mache Dogloo and lowering it or raising it with some more paper mache "band aids"

Just my thoughts.
What does everyone think?

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Default Re: Dogloo as a form

Another thought...

You could make the initial form out of chicken wire to exact specs.

Then do the paper mache thing....

Much cheaper, and a better result.

I think this is what I will do.

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Default Re: Dogloo as a form

Dave, the opening to the oven will be smaller than the dogloo. Still, with careful cutting he might be able to put it back together again, I suppose...
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

"Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal." -Mike Ditka
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