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Default Chimney placement for restaurant brick oven


I'm completely new to this site and brick oven building. I have a question about the Pompeii oven and the placement of the chimney. In the 2 youtube videos of the Pompeii construction I can see that vent is at the front of the oven, and the smoke actually comes out of the oven and up the chimney. When I look at other videos of pizza ovens from naples or wherever, this doesn seem to be the case. It looks like the chimney is always on the top of the oven and the inside of the oven starts right at the opening of the oven itself.

Can anyone provide some info on commericial brick ovens and if the chimney is usually placed somewhere else? Or if its just the outer design that hides the chimney. Can the Pompeii oven be built for restaurant use?

Sorry about all the questions but thanks for your time.

YouTube - Pizza Napoli , La margherita di Gino Sorbillo - 1:31 chimney on top of oven
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Default Re: Chimney placement for restaurant brick oven

You are correct the chimney pipe exits from the top of the dome in some Italian ovens. That is because the smoke travels to the front of the oven and the dome has a path up to the top center for the smoke to travel. The visual lines of the oven are smooth and uninterrupted on the outside. The weight of the chimney is evenly supported by the dome's design. They are covered with small mosaic tiles in a smooth pattern.

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