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Default Oven Floor

Brand new to this forum, I hope I've picked the right category.

I've a Bernito oven, the floor is faulty, the thin grey covering on the floor has broken away, I'm unable to get the company I purchased it from to come and repair it.

Basically I'm stuffed and unable to use the oven at the moment, apparently it was a faulty batch of the covering.

Does anyone know what the material is ?, where can I get some more from or what could I use to repair it with?.

For the moment I've placed quarry tiles on the floor, these cracked on the first firing.

I really love this oven, but am at a loss as to what to do now.

Help !!!
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Default Re: Oven Floor

I checked there web site and looked at a few photos and it looks like its a one piece cast. I can not imagine a thin layer of anything on top of the cook floor cast. You may want to get the details from the manufacturer to see the make up of the floor. Thickness and material I would think for a start to come up with a solution. If the floor was one thick piece of cast like 2 inches and it had cracks in it I would just leave it and cook on it and not worry about it. Let any spaces just get filled with ashes and your good to go. If its a thin layer of something on top of the refractory cook floor I would think this sounds very weird. My advise is to find out the make up of materials and post a picture so members can see what you have there.
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Default Re: Oven Floor

Hi there. I thought I would reply to your floor problem, as this is a common thing to happen with these types of oven. I can suggest these solutions:
1. If the floor damage is not too large, get some mortar from Bernard of Bernito ovens. Use that to cover the damage. I tried this and only had limited success. The key thing to do is never get the floor wet, as this makes it sort.
2. Cover the floor with tiles like you have already tried. Some are really not suitable, and they crack easily. Cracking is fine as long as it does not interfere with the cooking. You could try the tiles that are orange - and fired at a very high temperature. You can tell as the material is fused. A bit like quarry time, but thinner. I used a layer of sand between the tile and the floor, to get a good flat surface.

I have my floor covered because I like the retained heat that it provides, and the protection to damage.

Hope this helps... you should be able to get your oven up and running soon. John
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Default Re: Oven Floor

I forgot the last suggestion. If you lived near telford, take your over to their workshop and get them to put some covering on, or tiles. They have refractory tiles that they ca put on. Come to think of it, you could ask them about the tiles and source them yourself. Just make sure they are not too think, or else they take up important air space.
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Default Re: Oven Floor

Hi there, I wondered what you have managed to do for your floor problem?

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Default Re: Oven Floor

Do you have any idea what these ovens are made from?
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Default Re: Oven Floor

There are two versions, the older and the newer. The newer version has a fiberglass shell. Inside is lightweight insulation material that is used in commercial ovens. The whole design is built around being very lightweight. There are various materials that go into the construction of the oven.
If you have more detailed questions you might want to call Bernard directly.
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