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Default curing after enclosure

Is it ok to build my enclosure before curing the oven?
I want to build my walls and roof before the snow flies to enclose the oven, I really dont want to cure it until it sits for at least a month or so. I was going to wait until spring but I at least want to get the metal studs roof and cement board on the framing.
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Default Re: curing after enclosure

Hello gtofani,

For the FB oven kits, you can definitely build the oven enclosure before you cure the oven. Sometimes Pompeii oven builders like to cure the oven dome and vent before building the enclosure so they can see if any cracks develop that they need to repair, but that is not an issue for FB oven kits.

Forno Bravo
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Default Re: curing after enclosure

The only advantage of not enclosing is that if you have a crack that needs attention you can get to the outside and patch. If you cure slowly you should be fine. A couple of weeks is plenty of time for the mortar to set. I think I'd roughly put up the enclosure leaving some ventilation high on the structure. I wouldn’t finish it just in case. If you have to close things up, I’d blanket the oven, and put a door on, slightly ajar and light a 40-60w bulb inside the oven. Just having a 40W bulb will raise the oven temps and allow some the water to move out of the bricks. When you get closer to your real curing, put a quartz work light in the oven and run it straight through for a few days, again with the door slightly ajar to allow air movement.


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Default Re: curing after enclosure

Sounds like a good plan. It has already been about a week since I finished the chimney area and longer since I finished the dome. By the time I get the enclosure framed with cement board on it, I will start with the light bulbs. I used a shop light already to keep the temps above freezing a few nights when I was building the chimney and vent area.
I am not planning on rushing it so I will minimize the chance of cracking.
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