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Default Kettleman's Bagels

Here's another commercial wood oven - this one produces nothing but Montreal-style bagels! There's a retail deli at the front but the back of the bakery is totally open so customers can see their bagels being baked. They are almost always still warm when you get them and they are delicious!
The fire set-up is interesting and you can see it in the photo - they use very long logs that they just push farther in as the end burns down.
If you're ever in Ottawa, go get some bagels!
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Default Re: Kettleman's Bagels

Great photo Sarah! Look at all that soot staining and indoors as well. One could guess from the arched line of bricks that once that was the opening and it smoked. So they lowered it with the infill of bricks and from the soot it still smokes. And all that smoke indoors, I wonder if they have smoke detectors?
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Default Re: Kettleman's Bagels

Surprisingly, it's not smokey - maybe it is at start-up though - however, the aroma of wood and bagels together is heavenly.
I tried making bagels last year and was not too successful. This year, we've had a dishearteningly cold and wet summer so far. That, along with a raft of other commitments and endeavours, have led to me using my oven once in March and once again about three weeks ago (and that last time was a disaster!). Once the fates conspire to let me get going again it won't be bagels though - they do them too well at Kettleman's!
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