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Default The Best and Worst Pizza in America

Reason number 42 for making your own pizza:
The Best and Worst Pizzas in America on Yahoo! Health
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Default Re: The Best and Worst Pizza in America

I understand the concept, and our pizzas are definitely way healthier than standard American pizzas of any ilk.

But when someone writes a list titled, " HALL OF FAME: THE BEST PIZZAS IN AMERICA
Next time you're hankering for a pie, grab a slice from one of these premium pizzas." and that list only includes Pizza Hut, Domino's, and Chuck E. Cheese, I have to disagree!
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Default Re: The Best and Worst Pizza in America

I thought journalists were supposed to understand language. How did "Most Widey Available" become "Premium"??? Hmmmm????

The worst are heart stopping. The premium are simply forgettable!
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Default Re: The Best and Worst Pizza in America

So best and worst in this article are reduced to how many calories and fat are in the item.

For sure homemade is healthier, but the big issue is flavor!
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