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Default Paella/ Qld nuts.

Two stuff-ups in one post: sheesh, even for me, that's not a bad effort, tru.
1. Paella. Fantastic fodder. Would have required less cleaning had I stayed with the estimated half cup of rice, (Sorry, got distracted by boobs'n bums: me missus'n child, eh. Both, ahem...very easy on the eye). So I chucked in a full cup of rice...= mess.)(Bloody sheilas, eh.)

2.Put a hatfull of Queensland nuts [you mob would know them as macadamia nuts, perchance ?] in a tin in the oven @ maybe 110*C, and promptly forgot about the buggers. Fourteen hours later, dragged 'em out, cracked 'em open, and without ANY question of doubt, they were the best tasting nuts I've ever had the pleasure of forwarding to my large intestine. Sheesh. Too good.

I guess that's me done for a bit eh.

You mob stay safe .
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