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Default Any used the 2stone pizza oven?

Hello everyone,

I have been on Forno bravo over the last couple of years but this is my first post.

I have gone back and forth with making my own brick oven, buying the Primavera60, or going with an alternative oven.

I ran across 2stone pizza oven. Has anyone used it? It looks too good to be true.
Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks (I don't want this to be only about wood vs gas)
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Default Re: Any used the 2stone pizza oven?

Like the 2stone, some of us have used the philosophy of using an upper and a lower stone in our alternative ovens, and it seems to work well. In my case, this is only a stop-gap measure, till I get my Pompeii oven built. But with the 2stone, $300+ for two stones and a platform seems like a lot of money, and a rotating platform seems like overkill (open the lid 1/2 way thru and rotate it yourself!). I will admit, I finally settled on the FB Pizza Stone for my bottom stone in alternative oven, which, like the 2stone stone, is a Fibrament material. It gets hot fast, retains heat well, can survive high temps, and most importantly, has not cracked when I put a pizza on it to cook. It was not cheap, but if you look at how many cheap pizza stones I have cracked, it has paid for itself.

Good luck, whichever way you go.
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Default Re: Any used the 2stone pizza oven?

2stone looks interesting and is a nice turn key setup for an outdoor grill. Still a little expensive considering the 2 stones can be bought for about $110.
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Default Re: Any used the 2stone pizza oven?

I ended up getting the 2stone inferno
Here is a link a pizza I cooked in it.

march 10 138 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

It takes about 15 minutes to get up to 825 degrees. This pizza cooked in about 1 min. 20 sec.

I have been very happy with it. I still have a lot of perfecting to do but so far have been pleased. It runs for about $1,400
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Default Re: Any used the 2stone pizza oven?

so is the top of the 2stone insulated somehow? how does it retain its heat?
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Default Re: Any used the 2stone pizza oven?

I started out with the larger 2 stone pizza grill after trying a homemade similiar setup using 2 stones separated by firebricks holding them up. The results with the 2 stone were significantly better. The metal frame and the ability to leave the grill cover slightly ajar create a "current" of very hot air running through the 2 stone setup and out the front. The ability to spin the pizza on the rotating stone makes it very easy to get even heating.. The heat at the back is more than in the front so turning every 10 seconds or so makes a big difference. I've since upgraded to a natural gas fired all stainless steel 2 stone pizza pro. This can easily top 1000 degrees on the stone and a couple of hundred degrees hotter air. It has a much heavier top with much better heat retention and the spinning stone is motorized. Pies cook in under 2 mins and results are wfo like. The pro especially with the natural gas burner was not cheap, it is up their with the smaller wfo's. My problem is space. I live in a condo and only have a small patio, which has a huge weber summit grill, a primo oval ceramic smoker and now the 2stone pizza pro. I am very happy with the quality, the pizzas that come out of it and not so much about the price.. They are expensive. I have some friends that have one of the top 3 pizza places in town specializing in Napoletana pizza and even have an authentic pizziola imported from Italy. I've made pizza for them and they were quite impressed with the results and the oven. Of course they have/use wfo.
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2stone pizza oven

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