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Default 42 inch beehive in Belgium

Wel, I got started last weekend after reading everything I could get my hands on including every thread in this forum.
After long and thorough consideration I decided to do just like everybody else and start by pouring a slab.

I'm sure you will have noticed the slab has a certain roundness to it. Wich is where my project will deviate a bit from the beaten path in that the oven stand will also be round. The main idea is to build a beehive type oven, not completely unlike the ones you see in Naples and/or are built by the Italian gentleman that goes by the name Ferrara. Instead of small mosaic I will however be re-using the red brick I got when I dismantled the ruin of the old bake-house in my garden. Other cues I'm taking from the ovens in Naples is building the arch out of steel and have the flue go up and over the dome and exit at the top of the dome.
Another design constraint I have is I will mostly use material I have, such as the bricks, or found, such as the fibreboard, or remains from building my house like the vermiculite.

After messing around with firebricks and weedburners in electric ovens, I'm looking forward to finally burning logs to cook my pizzas.

Thank you.

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Default Re: 42 inch beehive in Belgium

So THAT's what Belgium looks like!?
Nice start to your oven....
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Default Re: 42 inch beehive in Belgium

I'm this far since this weekend. I went the pour concrete in cement blocks route. It's rather strange building an over-engineered, nuclear war proof pizza oven after I built my house out of straw bales, but hey, so it goes.

Next up is pour the hearth.

I also contacted acunto to buy their cast oven door kit (EQUIPMENT FOR WOOD OVENS) , but they only sell it if you come and pick it up at the factory... That ain't happening so I'm planning on making my own out of steel. Anyone have experience with this, this person from Brooklyn did the same, haven't seen his oven finished though. I wonder if he welded a ridge along the opening on the inside?
My (Budding) Pizza Oven: David S. with Another Brooklyn Backyard Oven | Slice Pizza Blog
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