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Default Wood or gas?

I am currently a General Manager of a restaurant but looking to go into something smaller and open my own restaurant/ pizzeria
I am trying to spec out some ovens but Iím up in the air about what direction to take it in. It would be new to me to cook on a wood fuelled oven, so I was looking into a company called Remco (even though my gut is telling me go with wood.)
Does anyone know about them? any information would be great.
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Default Re: Wood or gas?

Hello Beau,
Thank you for your interest in Forno Bravo. We understand the importance of choosing the best oven for a successful business and are more than happy to help you along the way.

We have several models you can choose from. We offer both gas/wood or wood only ovens.

The Modena2G Series ovens are designed for restaurants and pizzerias looking for a high-end pizza oven capable of baking large volumes of Pizza Napoletana, and other dishes. These muscular ovens feature large cooking floor options, a super- duty 4" cooking dome, a 2.5" firebrick tile cooking floor and extra thick 4" - 6" ceramic insulation, providing excellent high heat cooking and fuel efficiency.

The Professionale Series is designed for smaller restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and bistros, as well as larger restaurants, looking for a wood or gas fired pizza oven to complement other cooking equipment. While the Professionale ovens are small and cost-effective, they are built using the same ultra-premium refractory and insulating materials as our Modena2G ovens— and they bake perfect Pizza Napoletana.

The Napoli Series is a family of fully assembled ovens designed in the traditional Naples style. These tiled, Igloo shape ovens feature a specialized vent that pulls hot air back over the oven dome and up through the top and center of the oven enclosure. Built using the popular Forno Bravo Modena2G oven, the Napoli Series provides a super-duty 4" cooking dome, a 2.5" firebrick tile cooking floor and extra thick 4" - 6" ceramic insulation for excellent high heat cooking, heat retention and fuel efficiency. The Napoli ovens are designed with optimal oven proportions, including the perfect Oven Dome Height and Oven Opening Size for baking Pizza Napoletana.

The Forno Bravo Gas with Gas/Wood Combo option combines all of the advantages of traditional wood-fired baking, with the convenience of gas. The Forno Bravo burner system uses an electronically controlled, multi-line atmospheric burner, designed specifically for firing Italian-style dome pizza ovens.
Unlike other pizza oven burner systems, that require fans and extra burner elements such as infrared panels—and still don’t maintain proper temperature, the Forno Bravo burner maintains high, even cooking temperature, just like wood.
Oven temperature is controlled electronically, giving the chef easy control over cooking temperatures. The burner works in two modes: a low flame, which is used for maintaining the oven temperature, and a high flame used for quickly bringing the oven to cooking temperature, and for dealing with peak cooking periods. This dual-mode operation delivers economy of operation, combined with high throughput performance and cooking.
The Forno Bravo burner works on an atmospheric burner principle, where combustion takes place just as it does with wood. There is a natural draw of air through the oven opening, and the flame created by the burner is widely diffused and very bright. This natural combustion delivers uniform cooking, high- performance "wood-like" flavors, and low maintenance costs compared with fan-assisted burners.

Please take a look at our commercial oven link located on the homepage and you will find detailed dimensions and information on each model mentioned.

Our sales representatives can provide quotes reflecting oven, shipping, and packaging costs. Feel free to reach us at 1-800-407-5119. We are always available to help!
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