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Default a whole slew of dumb newbie questions

After much deliberation, I've narrowed down my potential purchase options to the Primavera 60 or 70 (don't know how long I'll be in the present house, so portability is a key factor). I still have a few beginner's questions:
1. I've seen many photos of "plein-air" installations of these ovens, but they all appear to be in dry places. Do the Primavera ovens need to be under some sort of rain cover in a very wet climate? I know that the exterior of the oven is weatherproofed, but I live in an extremely damp climate. IOW, can I still fire the oven if it's just been rained on? ('cause if i have to wait for it to dry for several days, an uncovered oven will be nearly useless during large stretches.)
2. Is it worth upsizing to the 70? I'll make bread and do a little roasting from time to time, but I'm primarily interested in pizza. To the inexperienced eye, the increase in size seems insignificant.
Thanks in advance for any guidance/info...
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Default Re: a whole slew of dumb newbie questions

I believe if you are looking to move it in the near future you may want to consider a metal house at least for the first location and then upgrade to a more aesthetic enclosure at the more permanent location. A metal house will be inexpensive and completely water tight.

Just my two cents.

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Default Re: a whole slew of dumb newbie questions

I would aim to make it a permanent solution, if done right, the pizza oven can add value to the home, if integrated with an outdoor kitchen.. it can be a selling point..

I would definately make a roof.. sure your oven may survive the rain.. but it can lead to a whole host of issues.. cracking, unable to get to high temps for days.. wet insulation.. (which is terrible)..
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Default Re: a whole slew of dumb newbie questions

RE: enclosures, thanks for the advice. Like I said, all of the lovely WFO outdoor pics w/uncovered ovens didn't seem to be practical for a locale w/65 inches of rain annually.

I'm definitely NOT doing a built-in outdoor kitchen....my outdoor cooking techniques and quantities vary greatly (from hog cracklins to 5 gallon pots of jambalaya to 40 quart pots of boiled crawfish, on down to weeknight grilling for 2). I'd have to have three different gas jets alone, LOL (banjo vs jet vs adjustable). I'll probably find a spot for a WFO underneath the existing double carport that fronts my detached garage....guess I need to go research clearance & chimney issues.
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Default Re: a whole slew of dumb newbie questions

Inches inside the oven are IMO extremely valuable up to about 38 inches. I would opt for the bigger oven. I would also provide rain protection.
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Default Re: a whole slew of dumb newbie questions

Hello CelesteU,

1. You would want to cover the oven if there is going to be significant amount of rain, you can still use the oven in the is a wet climate.
2. The 60 in a 24 inch cooking surface which would allow 1 pizza maybe 2 at a time, where a 70 would let you cook two at a time. As far as clearances I will email you the install guide which has the information needed on clearances.

Please if you have any other questions, you can always reach me at 1-800-407-5119 ext 14

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