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Default outdoor kitchen project: natural gas brick oven and grill

I want to build a built-in natural gas grill and brick oven on my back patio, and I'm wondering about the feasibility of making my brick oven natural gas as well instead of using wood. I know that that's probably sacrilege around here, and I'm certainly open to be corrected in my thinking, but since I have the natural gas stub right where my grill and oven are going to be, I'd rather go that route and avoid having to bother with firewood. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Also, forgive me if this has already been discussed elsewhere on the forum. It won't let me search for the word "gas." I did read for 3-4 hours and glean some useful knowledge, but not much on this topic.

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Default Re: outdoor kitchen project: natural gas brick oven and grill

Welcome aboard Joe!,

Kinda funny you should ask about a gas brick oven because someone was just talking about that the other day. I must say that I have never heard of it being done, but other than that, I don't know much about it. I remember one long time, prominent, upstanding, well respected, ect... member (Geodesic Dave) advising that gas was a bad idea as the oven shape would trap unburned gas and thus could explode. Very bad.

I think I would go with that advice. Most of us already have gas ovens in the kitchen, well equiped with all the safty features to prevent such disasters. And I love learning the character and nuances of my wood fired brick oven.

But, like I said, I really don't know. Maybe you are on to something. I hesitate to discourage new ideas. Perhaps you could buy and install all the required safty features and just turn a dial to heat yours up. That might be pretty handy. But it might also destroy some charm and character.

Just a thought.... but I hope it helps.

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Default Re: outdoor kitchen project: natural gas brick oven and grill

If it were me I would do it like this. The darker brown is the thermal mass, the lighter brown being the oven floor, the grey is the gas manifold, and the red is the location of the vent. This should give a way to heat it up pretty evenly while still allowing the gases to escape.
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