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Default Finding the materials in the UK

Anybody know of any national suppliers of the firebricks and mortar for my pizza oven in the UK?

I live near Chester (North West)
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Default Re: Finding the materials in the UK

Many (most?) people (including me) seem to use Midland Refractories, but if you search a few of the forums you'll see a couple of other places too.
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Default Re: Finding the materials in the UK

Thanks David, I'll give them a try
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Default Re: Finding the materials in the UK

Hi There,
I have found 5 refractory suppliers in UK. Try Sheffield refractories. The cheapest I have found and also the nearest for me and probably to you. I am at work at the moment so do not have the list. Also try ebay, for firebricks (rare) and storage heater bricks (cheap), chimney flues, insulation etc. At least ebay may be able to susides your build.
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Default Re: Finding the materials in the UK

I have a thread on Barter/Exchange - I now have 50 storage heater bricks. Each about 230mmx220mmx50mm but in Hampshire, southern UK.

They make a great hearth - and cut into 4 there should be enough to make a 90cm dome.

I would ebay them, but it would be collection only. I'd rather they went to build a WFO.

I can post pictures and weight on request.

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Default Re: Finding the materials in the UK

Hi . I used Vitcas- bricks and cement , brilliant service, shipping £40 for 120 bricks and 25kg cement stuff.Very helpfull people.
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Default Re: Finding the materials in the UK

I found Sheffield refractories to be the cheapest including postage bny a big margin. it is worth calling all the suppliers as the most expensive was twice the price of the cheapest
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