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Default Home ovens and 00 flour

I have tried caputo 00 in my home oven with Piaa stone and my results were good just not enough color. Would everyone say that 00 flour best suited for high temp wood fire oven?
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Default Re: Home ovens and 00 flour

I can tell you this... bread flour (all that I can find locally, no 00) burns at 725 F, so we cook it at 650 roughly. I am not surprised that 00 didn't cook up nice for you. I heard that only 00 flour can take the heat of 725F. Good Luck.
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Default Re: Home ovens and 00 flour

I have had the same experience using Caputo in my home oven. On a stone or in a pan (even tried cast iron) I cannot get much color. Still good and actually somewhat crispy, but verry little browning. 500 degrees just does not cut it for Caputo unless blended with AP flour. In the WFO it is a different story, anything over 700 results in terrific browning and leoparding. I like to cook my pizzas around 800-825, keeping an eye on them constantly and turning twice.
I've pretty much stopped experimenting, I like the basic FB recipe for Caputo when using the WFO and a 60% AP - 40% Caputo blend (with a bit of olive oil) when cooking indoors at 500.

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Default Re: Home ovens and 00 flour

Add some Barley Malt Syrup and Diastatic Malt Powder to the recipe...ant it will brown. American Flour already had Diastatic MAlt added (Malted Barley Flour), 00 is Pure and Unmalted and many brands can be as low as 9% gluten.

I use 10 gms Syrup and 1/4 tsp Diastatic Malt Pwd for every 500 grams of flour.

Also You need to find the sweet spot in your oven so that the top and bottom get done evenly or you need to go the two stone method...one stone near the bottom and one near the ceiling. Once you get color on the bottom you move the pie to the top for browning.
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Default Re: Home ovens and 00 flour

Adding sugar or oil to your dough should help to give more colour.
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