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Default storage heater bricks

hi new to the forum just wondering, has anyone built a dome from storage heater bricks?????? and great forum buy the way
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Default Re: storage heater bricks

Couldt see any problems, except for a bit of cutting perhaps. What size are they?
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Default Re: storage heater bricks

Hi Hoss,

There have been a couple UK builds that have used bricks from heaters. Should be able to do a search on UK or heater bricks.
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Default Re: storage heater bricks

thanks guys sorry for late reply, they measure 9"x7"x2" i was going to cut them into 4 pieces, that would be not far off from being the dimensions of the end of a fire brick. i was going to lay them so the dome would be 2" thick then plus insulation and render, i was then going to cover it with beach stones around 1" thick will this be thick enough for heat retention ??????? cheers
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Default Re: storage heater bricks

I cut mine in half for the first few chains, then quarters and then finally sixths / eighths for the top parts of the dome. This gives roughly 4" thickness for the dome which gives plenty of heat retention.

If your bricks are like mine you can cut them in half so that there is a thicker section at one side, which you can use to help give you the angles you need for the dome. I reckon with my bricks the spacing would have been just about right for a 35" dome, though mine is 30 so I had to make the angle slightly larger and fill with home brew.
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