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Default Rye vs Wheat Starter


I have a question, what is difference between wheat and rye starter?
I am going to try to bake few all wheat loafs using formula posted in http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f11/...nic-18962.html (Big Sour dough Bake...Rye & Organic AP)
I was wondering, If I can use Rye Starter?
If not what is best practice to develop all wheat starter?

Thanks in advance
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Default Re: Rye vs Wheat Starter

I only have a single starter so I can't comment with certainty, but I'd think you can. I'd separate some of the rye starter out and start feeding it twice a day with what is going to be in the bread that you intend to bake. I'd start acclimatizing it to what you want it to feed on.

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Default Re: Rye vs Wheat Starter

I have started sourdough from wheat to begin with. It also works, rye just seems to be easier to start where wheat is harder. I always get my wheat from the local mill and always had the idea that the cultures that create the yeast are more found into those (so it is easier to start) than you can find them in wheat (or anything) you buy in the supermarket.

As Chris suggests, I would also start with feeding my rye starter with wheat so it can get used to it and then use that. No need to make a second starter is my idea.
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Default Re: Rye vs Wheat Starter

I have all three starters White, W/W, Rye. You can get away with just one. I have three because I like that they are accumulated to the flour type. I have been told that if you keep a W/W starter that does not get that week in the fridge and gets freshened every day will go rancid. I feed mine once a week and it lives in the fridge so all is well.

Hamelman said he only used a rye starter if I remember that correctly. So I think Rye starter could be the starter of choice.

Hope that helps.
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