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Default Panettone (Original recipe - using preferment - LM) Part two.

Panettone (Original recipe – Using Preferment - LM) Part two

The complementary pictures and some tips are in this thread http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f11/...t-lm-5651.html (Panettone (Original recipe – using preferment or LM) Part one.)

Important tip to this recipe: The importance of the dough mixing management!
It is not like pizza or bread. After every introduction of each component, the dough is broken or opened and will take several minutes of mixing to reconstruct the dough. Proceed to add the next ingredient if the dough is compact and smooth.
Each one of the both following steps will take about 40 to 60 minutes of mixing.

This recipe results in two big Panettones (the pictures showing a half recipe)

First step
First day at night (8 PM, as an example)


Flour 550g
Sugar 130g
Tepid butter (not melted) 140g
Tepid water 250g
Feeded preferment (very alive, as commented) 225g
Egg yolk 6 e.

Mix the tepid water and the egg yolks in a mixer bowl. Add the sugar and mix until well amalgamated. Incorporate the sieved flour and the preferment.
If the preferment was wrapped as a biga (see Part one), broke it in little pieces before mixing.
Mix thoroughly, around 15 to 20 minutes, until elastic and compact.
Add the tepid butter. Do not worry if the dough looks as something that is going to fly out from the bowl. Mix another 15 to 20 minutes. Again, a compact, elastic and shiny dough will be obtained at the end of mixing.
Cover the dough with a plastic sheet and let it rest at ambient temperature (20 to 26 C) by 12/14 hours.
Make a little hole in the plastic sheet, just to let the pressure go out.
The dough will grow more than 3 times in size.

The second step calls for raisins, immerse them in a bowl with hot water and let them rest.
In the next morning, dry the raisins using a colander.
The water in the raisins maintains them tender and soft after baking and the ones on the panettone surface out of burn.

Second step.
Second day (10 AM)


Flour 270g
Tepid butter (not melted) 140g
Tepid water 80g
Powdered milk 25g
Egg yoke 6 e.
Sugar 50g
Raisin 350g
Dried fruits 250g
Salt 10g
Honey 10g
Malt 10g (optional)
One vanilla stick seeds (or vanilla extract or panettone extract – orange blossom extract)
The dough of the first step.

In a bowl, mix the water, powdered milk, sugar, honey, malt, eggs, salt and vanilla seeds, until well incorporated.
Transfer this amalgam to a mixer bowl and add the first dough.
Mix thoroughly, around 15 to 20 minutes, until smooth and compact.
Add the butter and mix well. See pictures.
Transfer the dough to the counter and carefully flatten it.
Add the (dried) raisins and the dried fruits. Seems many fruits, it is ok.
At this point just carefully work the dough until the fruits were incorporated. See pictures.
Wait 20 minutes. Work carefully the dough slightly twisting it from upper to lower, as usual with the pizza dough, refolding from up to down.

The basic dough is finished and about of 2.5 kg.
Divide in two or three pieces, according the size of your mould.
Place each dough in buttered mold (do not forget the butter)
The mould could be acquired or made with a couple of sheets of parchment paper, as in pictures.

Let the panettones rest from two to four hours, or until doubled in size, in controlled environment of 30ºC and 90% humidity, as explained in part one. See pictures.

Heat the home oven until 180ºC. Cut a cross over top of the panettone and bake it by 10 minutes.
Open the oven door and quickly add a little piece of butter over the cross.
Bake 20 minutes or until done.
The complete bake took 40 to 45 minutes, in my oven.
Test with a knife or stick, as usual.

Take out of the oven and let them rest by 5 to 10 minutes. Turn down and hang the panettones using two sharp pointing sticks. I use a double spit and the icebox or a high bucket to do that. Let them rest at least 12 hours.
After that the panettones could be tested or reserved (in right position, of course <g>)
These panettones could be reserved until two weeks if wrapped in cellophane paper.
Do not use plastic bags!

I like to cover the top with icing sugar (sugar and lemon juice mix) or melted chocolate.
Some cherries on top of icing, mmmm.

If you have children, divide the dough before add the dried fruits and add chocolate chips to one of them. Viola, chocolate chips panettone.

Good luck and let us know how it was!

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Default Re: Panettone (Original recipe - using preferment - LM) Part two.

Wow... that's quite some recipe! Thank you for sharing.

If I can gather up the courage to try it, I will certainly let you know
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