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Default why is my dough tearing when I roll out my balls of dough

I made the receipe yesterday just like on james receipe and even tried heros video where robertos shows how to make dough. I started and let rest and then finished the dough. When I go to roll out my balls of dough, I get a tearing in the dough. I am not sure if its my water in Chino Hills, CA or what. I used Dry active package yeast from Walmart, My dough does not want to rise nor is it elastic. I just dont feel like I am getting the right consistancy by any means. I am using Caputo 00 flour as well. Thanks
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Default Re: why is my dough tearing when I roll out my balls of dough

If the dough did not rise, the likely cause is that your yeast was dead. Did you test it before mixing the dough? I will add a 1/4 cup of warm water to 1 TB of flour and a 1/4 tsp of yeast. Wait 10 minutes. If this mixture does not foam up, your yeast is dead. Buy some new yeast. Test again.

As to dough ripping, this is liking caused by insufficient gluten development. I would encourage you to go onto Youtube and do a search on dough kneading. Watch several of these. You will find one that works for you. Don't get too frustrated. When I started working w/dough, I messed up more times than I want to admit. Keep trying over and over again. You will get the hang of it.
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Default Re: why is my dough tearing when I roll out my balls of dough

I am no expert, but I would guess it is not the water. Are you doing a cold ferment. When the dough is cold, it tears very easily. I haven't used Caputo OO, but I would first check to make sure you are getting gluten development, as tusr18a suggests. Yeast likes temps around 70 to rise - so if it is cooler, say mid 60's, it will take longer. Use a thermometer to check the temp of the dough when it is resting.
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