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Default where to buy polly-o cheese curds online

is there a website that you can order polly o cheese curds for homemade motzarella cheese. Thanks
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Default Re: where to buy polly-o cheese curds online

I have ordered Polly-O cheese curds several times but...since I now have a local source...it has been several years. There is a big shipping cost issue for the minimum order is usually 20 pounds and shipping must be FAST so it usually costs more than the curds. NOTE: when I was ordering mozz I found the availability spotty at best. An internet search seems to confirm that phenomenon as I found a supplier on Amazon but they don't have any!

The real secret is you need to find it locally. Italian delis are especially likely to know how to get it. And you will save a LOT of money even if they mark it up a lot. Grocers can also get it but are less likely to cooperate. Try a smaller, health food grocery - maybe Whole Foods.

When you get some, I strongly encourage you to cut it into 1 kilo blocs and vacuum seal it. Done that way it can be frozen for up to a year or so. (though I am confident food purists would challenge that storage period.

Last time I ordered it I think the cost was about $60 for the curds and $50 for shipping. Given you live in the LA area you should have NO problems finding a source of cheese curd. I get mine through a WFO pizzaria.

Good Luck!
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Default Re: where to buy polly-o cheese curds online

Jay thanks for the reply. I have a class training at Pizza Antica in may. Thanks for the post, you inspired me to finally get properly informed on how to make dough, pizza and fresh motz. I cant wait.
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Default Re: where to buy polly-o cheese curds online

You could also make fresh mozz from scratch. Here is a great how-to site with a lot of cheese making info and recipes: Fankhauser's Cheese Page

The only real issue is that you can not use ultra-pasteurized milk.
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