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Default Pizza dough tooooo springy....PLZ Help!

I have been strugging with my dough for a year now. I used the perfect pizza dough by weight recipe. I first made it in my food processor for a few months but the dough is too springy. I can NOT stretch it by hand.......i have to use a rolling pin (I know...I hate it).....roll it out and let it sit for 15-20 mins and reroll and still during this whole process it is very springy....I really have to work it to get it thin, which I am sure makes it a tougher crust. I then purchased a Kitchen aid mixer and had the same results. Does anyone have any thoughts on why I am having this issue with the dough being so "springy" Once again I followed the recipe useing 00 flour. Thanks in advance....spring is coming in Ohio and I want to be ready to FIRE!!!

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Default Re: Pizza dough tooooo springy....PLZ Help!

What is the temp of your dough after mixing (I found 78* is ideal for me) and do you pass the window pane test? Also maybe give it more time in proofing.

What happens if you try to stretch by hand and leave for 10-15 minutes??? Often that allows the dough to relaxe a bit and stretch easier.
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Default Re: Pizza dough tooooo springy....PLZ Help!

Excessive elasticity is almost always a result of balling the dough too close to the stretch. It depends on the dough, but you generally want to ball no less than 5 hours prior to stretching.

It could be something else, but my money is on late balling.

Please post your recipe- including ingredient quantities and dough processing details (kneading time, fermentation time, etc.).
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