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Il Pizzaiolo
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Default any Whole Wheat/Grains Dough Recipes?

Does anyone have good recipes using whole wheat or whole grain flours.

I know it's much tougher to make good breads and pizzas as you increase the amount of 100% whole wheat flour but....unfortunately we have to deal with diabetes issues that require less refined products like white sugar and white flours and increased fiber.

It would help me get a jump on making Pizzas using the whole grain flours....otherwise I'll post such recipes as we get going.

Thanks, Jim
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Default Whole Wheat, etc.


One of the recipes that will be in the FB wood-fired bread baking section will be for Biga Whole Wheat Pan Bread (there's a video on shaping it there already). The section should be up and running by mid-January, but I'll send the recipe it to you by email (I'll have to remove the pics, though). Using a biga/poolish/preferment really helps out whole wheat or whole grain breads, preventing that unrisen, flat, dense, too chewy result. However, it is very tough to do if you want 100 per cent whole wheat/whole grain. The proportion I use is 50 per cent whole wheat and 50 per cent hard, unbleached bread flour (this type of flour doesn't get the full "refining" treatment). Without the addition of bread or high-gluten flour, you won't get the rise you want, because whole wheat/rye/multi-grain/whole-grain flours simply don't have enough gluten. You can, of course, add vital wheat gluten to help them out. Also, the addition of a small amount (teaspoons) of diastatic malt powder will yield a better, fuller rise. This last is really necessary if your flours are organic, and it's a completely benign additive (natural, and all that). Using raw wheat germ helps add fibre (about half a cup for two loaves); toasted pumpkin, brown sesame and sunflower seeds also works. Have a look at the online shop at King Arthur Flour for vital wheat gluten, malt powder and a full range of speciality flours. Best source I've found, and no connection to me.

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Il Pizzaiolo
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Default Re: any Whole Wheat/Grains Dough Recipes?

Thanks Jim, I'm finding some new whole grain flours here.

We use the king arthur in the states for our breads and like it a lot. They have a european blend we order. I also use a lots of the Bob's Red Mill products that we like.

I'll post more whole grain recipes as we have successes.

Just did some high fiber muffins that we'll try in the oven.

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