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Default Re: Vent to Flue Transition Question

Originally Posted by DimTex View Post
For myself I used chicken wire over the blanket, it was much easier to fashion/form into a dome like shape than the usual stucco mesh and without all the joyful cuts one gets when working with stucco mesh. I then laid on a thick brown/scratch coat making sure to force the stucco mix underneath the chicken wire and then on top. Also a good suggestion is to sprinkle plastic fibers you get by the bag from the masonry supply folks into the stucco mixture. It has two benefits for the scratch coat, first it adds strength and the little hairs give the next coat something to bond to (it can't hurt).

I don't have pictures to show the steps, rain was forecast the next day I insulated and applied my first coat of stucco so I had to do it all in one day. I wanted the rain the following day to help cure the stucco since the summer here was exceptionally dry.

It's all worked out well. I endorse using blanket insulation. I bought 3 boxes for my oven and it was enough to cover it in four layers. I've had the oven over 950 degrees and the exterior of the dome is still at ambient air temperature.
What stucco mix did you use? Looking at HDepot and Lowe's I don't see anything that stands out. Tons of different mortar and concrete mixes but nothing labled as 'Stucco'. Or is that a generic term for sand mix?
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Default Re: Vent to Flue Transition Question

I bought mine from a masonry place (it might have said mortar mix) but I am pretty sure HD and Lowe's sell the branded products and on the racks under Stucco (Brown coat/Scratch coat) they have 90 lb bags of the stuff.
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Default Re: Vent to Flue Transition Question

What stucco mix did you use?
Quikrete Surface Bonding Cement along with the acrylic fortifier additive (to increase water resistance) have been highly recommended in the forum. I picked up some from HD this morning to apply to my igloo this weekend.
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Default Re: Vent to Flue Transition Question

What stucco mix did you use?
I used the quikrete Surface Bonding Cement over the oven and the block walls,, Great stuff and easy to work with...
1. If you want a smooth finish use a small trowel to finish (or a piece of insulation foam)
2. If you want a slightly rough finish after you trowel it on,, Go over it with a damp sponge
3. Add the acrylic fortifier for waterproofing
4. I also added color (terra cotta) If you do this mix only one bag at a time so your color comes out the same from bag to bag..
I have a 42 inch oven and used 2 bags to cover the dome to almost an inch thick
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