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Default Re: stucco over exisisting smooth stucco

Originally Posted by suez View Post
i just came across a thumbnail pic of your oven-this is what i want! this is a perfect oven with gauge and pipe etc-it looks like the right size-can you give me your oven floor size (4ftx4ft)ex: or anytype of info on what you used or how you did that-i love it!
Thanks, I'm glad you like it
Ok...here's the abbreviated version of what I did:

The overall dimensions of the floor including the surrounding pavers is 1500mm x 1300mm. The internal firebricks cover an area of 1100mm x 800mm and I then just laid the surrounding pavers. (had to make sure the thicknesses were the same of course). Internal height of the dome is 400mm.
The dome itself was cast over a sand and styrene mold/timber door mold. I used refractory cement with stainless steel needles for reinforcement, at a thickness of 50mm. I then covered it with two layers of 25mm ceramic blanket, held to the dome with chicken wire and wire.
I then added 50mm-75mm thickness of a mixture of vermiculite and cement fondue and finished that off with the exterior acrylic render as stated in my previous post.
The gauge is from a commercial pizza oven store(300mm probe), and I used a steel rod of the same thickness as the gauge when casting the dome. Then just removed it when the dome had set and used high temp silicone to fix in the actual gauge.
I have several pics of the oven in various stages of completion if you want me to post them.
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