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dbhansen 05-25-2009 07:34 PM

Recessed lights for gable?
I'd like to hard-wire a couple of lights into my gable overhang, pointing down at my landing, but I'm having trouble finding any recessed lights that will fit into my 2x4 gable (about 3.5" deep). Any idea where to find these, or if they exist? The alternative, I guess, is to install a light on the outside (under-side) of the soffit, but I'd really like recessed lights.

bimbo 05-25-2009 09:19 PM

Re: Recessed lights for gable?
depends how much light you want but here in australia 12volt downlights are popular but they do produce a fair amount of heat into the ceiling space and present a fire risk. another alternatve which I have in my house is LED downlights which produce little heat but take a little longer to get to full brightness when you turn on the switch.

dmun 05-26-2009 06:20 AM

Re: Recessed lights for gable?
HD does sell a set of halogen down lights that are very small, and are for use under kitchen cabinets. They generate a fair amount of heat, so I would be cautious about direct mount to wood soffit. They are 110 volts, and can be dimmed with a standard dimmer switch. They have plastic housings, so you probably don't want them right over the opening.

dbhansen 05-26-2009 07:41 AM

Re: Recessed lights for gable?
Thanks Dave. I did look at those HD models, but I'm trying to avoid plastic. On a whim I googled "metal puck light" and found something that might work, though I'll need to use a transformer: link (the PK100 model). Maybe the Xenon option would be a little cooler in temperature.

Calabrese 05-26-2009 02:11 PM

Re: Recessed lights for gable?
Hi db
I think you will have a tough time locating pots like that. I know they have mico mini's for cabinets put I dought they would last in our climate. You might want to drop your fascia board to accommodate the pot. It would only be an inch or two. I hope this helps.

Regards Joe
Mississauga , Canada

thebadger 05-26-2009 06:20 PM

Re: Recessed lights for gable?

I just strung some "cheap" white christmas tree lights around my pergola - it actually provides a lot more light than you think....

Good luck.


dbhansen 05-26-2009 06:44 PM

Re: Recessed lights for gable?
Joe, that actually helps a lot! I hadn't considered making the fascia board larger than the trusses, lowering the soffit, but that should work. I'll definitely consider that.

And Dick, my wife loves those little white Xmas lights AND she wants a pergola someday, so that's another fine option. Thanks

dbhansen 05-27-2009 01:56 PM

Re: Recessed lights for gable?
Still searching, but I did find these, in case anyone else is looking:

Halogen or LED

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