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Default How are you finding old postings? Sink height input:

(M) Thanks Jim, Patrick, Christo, Drake, David, for your help and input.

(M) First, an "off topic question" My posting about input for sink height is an old one which was "bumped" - (hidden) by new threads, I believe. I realize that old postings remain on the site but how did you guys find , or stumble upon the old posting? ____

================================================== ====

(Patrick) "Marcel - why limit your self to the pad that is aleady poured? Why not make and extension and pour more concrete for the sink."

(M) One reason is that I had already presunk the waste line and water feed in the foundation slab. I could use elbows and relocate the sink but I think it would be awkward and may hinder the waste flow. I might ultimately add to the pad, but not as an accomodation for the sink but simply to allow more manueuverability.

================================================== ====

(M) I have a fire in the oven right now in preparation for a brisket of beef that I'll do in a Lodge cast iron cover deep pan. I wanted to see if the concrete board door could be left open just enough to venturi the air into the hearth. I pushed it in and when I withdrew it, the two layers separated! I soon found the reason: when I screwed on the cheap trowels for handles, I used screws that were long enough to press against the inside of the fireside board. The pressure of those 4 screws broke the seal.


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