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michelevit 03-24-2009 09:18 AM

my insulated steel door.
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Now that the pizza oven is done, its time to make the door. This is my second door. I wanted something decorative and functional. The door is made of double wall thin gauge steel. Its stuffed with leftover ceramic blanket and perlite. The thermometer is large 3 inch stainless. The handles are stainless steel and stay cool to the touch. No need for gloves to remove the door.

I was surprised how well the oven retains heat with this insulated door.
Post day temperature is over 400 degrees. Still hot enough to roast. Three days later and the temp is over 100 degrees! I threw a couple of logs and they are drying nicely for the next Sunday pizza.

Anyone interested in a door like this? I could make one with a cardboard or wood template of your oven door. I need something to make now that the oven is done. Iím located in San Jose, CA. The door is heavy, probably over 20 pounds.

more pics here....
Michele Vitarelli Photo Gallery | forno vitarelli | DSCN0834

Modthyrth 03-24-2009 09:51 AM

Re: my insulated steel door.
Very nice door--I love the embedded thermometer!

texassourdough 03-24-2009 12:57 PM

Re: my insulated steel door.
Bravo! Nicely done! I don't need a door for my current oven (it is built in) but...that is pretty doggone COOL! Love it!

jrparks 03-24-2009 06:18 PM

Re: my insulated steel door.
Very nicely done! Similar to what I'm thinking of making. What gauge of metal did you use?

michelevit 03-24-2009 06:28 PM

Re: my insulated steel door.
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here is another pic of the door actually installed on my new oven.
it fits snugly. i used the wood form that was used to create the
brick arch as the template. Let me know if you want one.

see my construction pics here...<link>

DaveDQ 04-30-2009 04:20 AM

Re: my insulated steel door.
That is a very cool looking door/incoming missile shield.

Nice character.

mfiore 04-30-2009 07:57 AM

Re: my insulated steel door.

Great looking door. I'm currently struggling with one now. I'm quite metallurgically challenged:(

Does your oven entry have a reveal to seal a door against? I tried to incorporate a reveal in mine. Does the entire oven door but up to the reveal, or is the door designed to go into the throat of the opening, with a "lip" on the door to seal against the reveal. Does that make sense?

I was looking at Ken's door which hopefully clarifies this

michelevit 05-01-2009 09:03 PM

Re: my insulated steel door.
the oven has a taper and a reveal at the door opening.
the door simply sits infront of the reveal.

when slid infront of the opening
it will snuff out the largest of fires. it is really neat to do this trick
for guests. a small puff of air and the flames come back to life.

the door is probally 1 1/2 inch thick and stands up on its own.
i have fired up the oven less than ten times. there are several things
i would do differently with the oven construction, but i would defintately
build the same insulated door.

if anyone wants one, i can build one if provided with a cardboard template
of your opening.

Dino_Pizza 05-01-2009 11:16 PM

Re: my insulated steel door.
Michele, that's a neat door you've built. I, just like Mike above, am metalurgigurgle..I can't even spell the word I'm so challanged. Your link to your door pics makes me think your little girl could weld a good door. It's a great pic when she's measuring the base.
Well, you've built a good looking door, love the materials, good to know that it seals up the fire and that comes back upon exposure to air. Didn't know about that. I may have to contact you about a door soon. Thanks for suggesting it, Dino

charger10s 06-09-2009 08:36 PM

Re: my insulated steel door.
That door is awesome, and I would love one. You still interested in making more? What kind of cost are you looking at?

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