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Default Re: Interesting idea - passive particulate filter

Originally Posted by asudavew View Post
So basically, we are talking about a water filter(bong) for our ovens?
HA HA HA HAAAAAaaaaaa!! ( I think I hurt myself ) Exactly, right. A water bong for the oven. I think he is concerned about the occasional burn bans in our area. Yes, the pacific northwest is known for rabid tree huggers. We have this exciting dialog about endangered wild life all the time. Some of the endangered critters like to eat the other endangered critters and causes no end of anguish Personally, I am a conservationist. Lets be responsible stewarts but not forget how tasty animals are .

With our canabis loving friends from Vancover we could develop a chimney pot bong. You could add "herbs" to your pizza and enjoy the smoke while cooking. Add a few colored lights for entertainment and a Pizza Party would have a whole new meaning.

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Default Re: Interesting idea - passive particulate filter

Actually these soot cleaners are commercially available and are required for most new wood oven installs in the EU. I'm going to need to use one for my next restaurant here in U.S. due to the location.

Several manufacturers, but Valoriani is one - they are rep'ed by Mugnaini here in the U.S.


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Default Re: Interesting idea - passive particulate filter

It's a very similar problem to the one that fireplace manufacturers face with regard to emission control. Presently, there just isn't any practical technology in existence that performs very well because of the conditions that exist within a fireplace. They scarf-up large quantities of excess air that dilute the concentrations of the flue gasses and cool them down, taking away kinetic energy and reducing their volumetric concentrations that inhibit the ability of any chemical or catalytic treatments to occur.

I must say generally that I think WFOs are inherently "cleaner" due to the intense fire chamber temperatures which really help promote complete combustion of the organic compounds within the smoke. The largest discharge of "particulate" from a hot running oven is elemental carbon (soot). So, a percipitator could be likened to a bong in terms of it's ability to trap "particulates".

Our regulators and the EPA are concerned more about particulates that pose the greatest health concern, which are volatile-organic compunds (hydro-carbons) in the 5-10 micron size. There are literally hundreds of species randomly forming in wood smoke such as formaldehyde, acetone, methane, and various acids to name but only a handful. These little bastards find their way deep-deep into the deepest corpusals of your lungs and stew, and so the environmental concern. These little VOCs remain in gasseous form at relatively low temperatures too, so they could easily pass through a percipitator in abundance...like THC gets through a bong... (so I hear...)


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