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mickyD 10-30-2011 01:42 AM

Counter top advise. Help needed... Please
Hi guys,

Has anyone used Travertine as a bench top or know someone who has. Iím in the final stages of building my WFO and am about to tile the counter top. We where going to have a granite top but that blew the budget right out the window. Our local tile outlet recommended travertine tiles which we loved the look of and brought for the oven and a future outdoor kitchen. Once I brought them home and cut the 600mm x 600mm to 300mm x 300mm to make them more manageable I did some research. To my disappointment I have found out that perhaps that it was not a wise choice as it is porous, soft, subject to acid stain from things like lemon juice, tomato, beer:eek::eek: and scratching even when sealed.

Too late to take them back now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



robertjusher 10-30-2011 03:49 AM

Re: Counter top advise. Help needed... Please
I am no expert but I did a tied bench top in a indoor kitchen a few years back and just got a tile/grout sealer and painted that over the lot. Worked well for me. Someone at a good tile shop might be able to tell you what one to use. The one I used was a watery liquid that was invisible after it dried.
Just my bit

mickyD 10-30-2011 04:12 AM

Re: Counter top advise. Help needed... Please
Hi Rob,

I was given a sealer and was hoping that it would do the job. My tiles are honed and unfilled. I think I might fill the holes with sand less grout to make it more water tight, does take away from the character of the stone though. Do you get any staining on the travertine; is it as ďpreciousĒ as everyone makes it out to be?



azatty 10-31-2011 04:24 PM

Re: Counter top advise. Help needed... Please
Travertine is just limestone, so I wouldn't be cleaning it with hydrochloric acid. Travertine weathers reasonably well. The Colosseum is the largest travertine structure in the world today, and while not perfect, it will probably outlast you. Both my office and house floors are travertine.

You can buy an epoxy for filling the cavities rather than using grout. It looks better and holds up better. Then you should coat it with a penetrating sealer.

Travertine does have hidden cavities. A very thin layer of stone covers them and the tile may appear completely sound, but if you place a point load on it, the stone will cave in. Probably not an issue for a countertop, but it is for a floor.

mickyD 11-01-2011 01:59 AM

Re: Counter top advise. Help needed... Please
Did some research on epoxy and have decided to go with that, thanks azatty. Iíll go and buy a sample pot and try it on one tile. At least now I wonít have to worry about damaging the stone plus it will keep its natural look. I will post some picís once I have finished the top. I am just waiting on some decorative moulding to make up the border between the bench top tiles and the rendered base.


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