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egalecki 06-17-2008 03:11 PM

Chimney pots
Has anyone used one of these? Clay Chimney Pots

They're very attractive. I just haven't figured out how to make one work on top of my (as yet) non-existent flue. I also don't know how expensive they are... but they look really cool.

dmun 06-17-2008 04:12 PM

Re: Chimney pots
Superior clay isn't shy about pricing their products. The only thing of theirs I ever bought was a rumford throat for a fireplace, and I gasped when I heard the price. The good thing is that the modern chimney caps are sized exactly to fit over the protruding flue tile at the top of your chimney. Many styles come in two sizes so you can have an 8 by 8 oven flue and a 8 by 12 fireplace flue with complementary chimney caps. They are also made from refractory clay, unlike the old ones which are pretty much plain terra cotta.

Hey! HEADS UP! here's one in N. VA. on craigslist today, for 150usd, which when I was googling around is super cheap.

antique chimney pot

dmun 06-17-2008 04:24 PM

Re: Chimney pots
As usual, the UK has us beat in all things masonry (except firebrick pricing)

The Chimney Pot Shop Product 1

Frances 06-18-2008 12:45 AM

Re: Chimney pots
Did you see these ones?

No9 Studio UK - Product Range - Chimneys
Chimney Pots from –

Alas, too much for my budget to bear... but I would have loved to have one of those dragon chimneys on my oven!!!

egalecki 06-18-2008 06:18 AM

Re: Chimney pots
Sigh. Too much for my budget to bear as well.. But they're lovely. I'll just have to keep my eyes open and work out a way to accomodate one later if it falls into my hands.

My husband wants me to make what he calls a "venetian style one". I'll have to get him to find me a picture, because I don't remember what they looked like. (I was too busy looking at the mosaic fronts on the houses to see the chimneys!)

jet2757 11-07-2014 07:49 AM

Re: Chimney pots
I just bought a chimney pot for my oven yesterday. I built my oven 3 years ago knowing the day I found one I would install it. Now I'm just waiting for the weather to agree with me. I'll post a picture when finished.

jeeppiper 11-07-2014 10:02 AM

Re: Chimney pots
Personally, I would think having an elaborate chimney pot would make your oven look disproportionate and would draw your focal point away from the oven itself. I find elegance in simplicity....

jet2757 11-07-2014 10:39 AM

Re: Chimney pots
I've had a home made version of a chimney pot installed, the actual chimney pot I bought is very similar in size, and will finish my work of art very tastefully.

UtahBeehiver 11-07-2014 10:44 AM

Re: Chimney pots
Each to their own, some want simplicity others elaborate detail. I am sure the chimney pot will be a great addition to you build. Send a pic when your done.

fornax hominus 11-10-2014 07:46 AM

Re: Chimney pots
one thing to consider . most chimney pots do not experience really high heat , they are usually 1 or 2 stories above the heat source .. I have cracked every clay flue tile on my mark I oven [ the Mark II has a steel flue ].

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